For God.
For Good.

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Who Is Marine Reach?

Marine Reach New Zealand is a pioneering, missional community of people with a shared desire to show God’s compassion to those who are overlooked, forgotten, and vulnerable around the world, especially in New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific.

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Discipleship Training
School (DTS)

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Know what
DTS you want?

DTS will ignite your passion for Jesus! Ready to go deeper?

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Learn about
Marine Reach

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Based in New Zealand, Serving the World

Marine Reach has been equipping missionaries and bringing the Gospel and humanitarian aid to poor, isolated nations around the world since 1990.

Get involved by joining our Discipleship Training School (DTS), a 3-month Missions Training Course at our Training Centre in Tauranga, New Zealand. Coupled with a 2-month overseas DTS Outreach, you’ll be equipped to make a difference for God, for Good!

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Our Home

You’ll feel right at home in our family-style centre, which is surrounded by beautiful New Zealand countryside, including our own 30-ft. waterfall!

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Kick Start Your DTS Journey With A $2020 Scholarship On Your 2020 DTS! This Year Only, So Get Started Today!

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Marine Reach Worship

Listen to our music on:

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Virtual Tour of
Marine Reach

Take a 3D Virtual Tour through the incredible Marine Reach Training Centre!

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Opportunities at
Marine Reach

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Join Our Staff Team

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  • Applied Leadership Track
    Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership abilities in a live...
    Upcoming Dates:
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    Find out more
  • YWAM Medical Missions Track Medical Compassion DTS PLUS
    Medical Compassion DTS PLUS
    Gap Year - MAXIMIZE your DTS experience by signing up for our Medical Compassion...
    Upcoming Dates:
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    [getdatefromacf metaid='course_dates_1_dts_dates' postid=251]
    [getdatefromacf metaid='course_dates_2_dts_dates' postid=251]
    Find out more
  • Cover to Cover DTS PLUS
    Gap Year - Take your Cover to Cover DTS experience FURTHER by signing up...
    Upcoming Dates:
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    [getdatefromacf metaid='course_dates_1_dts_dates' postid=755]
    [getdatefromacf metaid='course_dates_2_dts_dates' postid=755]
    Find out more
  • Discipleship Bible School
    Are you longing to know God and God’s word on a much deeper level...
    Upcoming Dates:
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    [getdatefromacf metaid='course_dates_1_dts_dates' postid=262]
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    Find out more
  • School of Primary Health Care - Prevention and Cure Hope and Healing
    The School of Primary Health Care
    If you have a heart to make a difference and to bring health care,...
    Upcoming Dates:
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    [getdatefromacf metaid='course_dates_1_dts_dates' postid=263]
    [getdatefromacf metaid='course_dates_2_dts_dates' postid=263]
    Find out more
  • YWAM Marine Reach DBS Online Experience
    DBS - Online Experience
    Are you longing to know God and His word on a much deeper and...
    Upcoming Dates:
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Our Blog

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Equipping Your Missions Journey

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