Vinna Sapa to Receive Life Changing Surgery in New Zealand!

Our Vinna is in the News!!!     In 2016, one of our Marine Reach YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) Medical Outreach teams happened upon a little girl named Vinna (pr. Fee-nah) in a rural village on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu. Upon initial assessment, it was apparent that Vinna’s condition required much more medical attention than the…


Three full days in Vanuatu

I was recently on a flight to NZ returning from a 3 day fact-finding mission to Vanuatu, assessing the damage following Cyclone Pam’s 300 kph trail of destruction. Arriving in Vanuatu it was clear the countryside had been decimated – as if by a gigantic lawn mower. Frondless coconut trees, corrugated iron debris and flattened…


Taking on fuel

Pacific Hope is moving to the Port of Tauranga on March 11th, to take on fuel for the upcoming out-reach to Vanuatu, she will return to Sulphur Point, the following day.

Pacific Hope will leave Tauranga on April 16th.


Sailing through the trails

On Monday, June 29 the crew crowded on the deck of the Pacific Hope like immigrants clapping eyes on the Statue of Liberty for the first time. They gazed hopefully at the sun-speckled ocean that stretched out to the islands as the ship plowed toward open sea. The Pacific Hope was finally out of port…