A Big Day for Pacific Hope

We are delighted to announce that our new generator has arrived and has been installed. This has been a herculean effort by our crew who worked almost day and night over the weekend to get it installed. This generator is brand new and sold to us at half price! It will result in the savings…


Taking on fuel

Pacific Hope is moving to the Port of Tauranga on March 11th, to take on fuel for the upcoming out-reach to Vanuatu, she will return to Sulphur Point, the following day.

Pacific Hope will leave Tauranga on April 16th.


Praying for a miracle to fill the ship with fuel!

Crystal tells us about a little girl in Vanuatu named Rosalynn who had been crushed by a water tank the day before. It was a miracle she was alive. The left side of her face was red and swollen and painful to touch. There was very little the team could do with limited medical supplies…