Are you looking for an opportunity to help those in need in the South Pacific? Do you want to put your holiday time to good use? Does the thought of experiencing  indigenous culture excite you?

Marine Reach Ministries (MRM) specialises in taking teams of medical professionals, church or social teams and general volunteers and connects them with areas of genuine need in locations throughout the South Pacific. Volunteering on a ship based, or land based short term outreach, is a great way to immerse yourself in another culture, meet new people, learn new skills or use the professional skills you have, and give back to a community or nation in need.

In 2017 we have 4 separate outreaches all located in Vanuatu. Volunteers can serve on one or more of these outreaches.

Outreaches are usually two weeks long, and longer periods of service are welcomed. Check out our outreach opportunities below to find where you could have an experience of a lifetime!

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care (PHC), comprising of medical doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and non medically trained assistants operates in a similar way to a doctors clinic, or hospital outpatient department. Setting up in a community hall, church, medical centre or spread across a number of houses, our mobile clinics are perfect for getting right where the need is. We work closely with the local health care professionals and workers to facilitate ongoing care, and support them in their work.

The medical doctors and the team of nurses see a wide range of illnesses and conditions including performing minor surgeries. Skin infections, scabies, and lice are commonly seen, so often specific clinics are run to address these conditions. Our PHC clinic comes complete with a well stocked pharmacy allowing patients to receive any medication needed.

Allied health staff are able to work in their field of expertise. Physiotherapists, chiropractors, and occupational therapists can work one on one with patients or in groups, facilitate back and knee classes, working with disabled patients, or providing education to help improve living standards. Health education is also a key focus, with classes aimed to highlight systemic health conditions and provide culturally sensitive solutions. Non medically trained team members have plenty of opportunities to assist, whether registering patients, assisting the medical staff, or talking with patients as they wait.


Those who have experienced the pain of tooth ache appreciate the services of a dentist. For many, dental care of any sort is not easily accessible, so tooth ache or more serious dental issues go untreated. Marine Reach ship based and mobile dental clinics are able to bring that treatment to where it is most needed.

Marine Reach has a full range of dental equipment, either in our dental clinic onboard the ship, or in portable form for our mobile clinics allowing us to provide top quality service quickly and easily. Two dentists can operate side by side, with provision for a dental hygienist to work independently providing cleaning and scaling services. Sometimes all that can be done is extract a rotten tooth, but as often as possible, restoration is preferred. We carry many different composites and amalgam filling material to allow dentists to use what they are familiar with. Adults and children alike are treated.

Sadly many children are seen with serious decay in their new adult teeth. While we work to repair this damage, a major focus is oral hygiene. Using specifically designed booklets and interactive presentations each patient receives a tooth brush and education on how to brush and care for their teeth.

Team members help to present the oral hygiene programme, assist the dentists, work as sterilisation technicians, register, and talk with the patients as they wait.


Our optometry clinics are able to test vision and provide both reading glasses and prescription glasses.

Setting up in a community hall, church, medical centre or spread across a number of houses, our mobile optometry clinics are perfect for getting right where the need is. An optometrist with a team of volunteers can test patients visual acuity, using reading charts and other test equipment. For those requiring reading glasses more testing is conducted to determine the correct prescription needed, and the appropriate glasses given. The optometrist is able to see the patients who have poor general vision, and using our trial lens set, ophthalmoscope, and retinascope, can determine the cause and if necessary the correct prescription for glasses. Screening for cataract, or Pterygium is also performed, with patients referred to our own ophthalmology clinic, or to partner government or NGO services.

Marine Reach carries on outreach a stock of over 2000 prescription glasses, and with our specially developed computer database system the optometrist can search and find the exact match required, or closest match. This system means the patient gets the best possible glasses from a large stock, quickly and easily.


Ophthalmology (eye surgery) is one of the most rewarding clinics we run and helps to restore sight to many people each year.

Our aim is to reach areas not normally serviced by major hospitals, so we work in district hospitals and suitable medical clinics or in our dedicated surgery onboard ship to serve those without good access to care. Cataract surgeries are performed using the Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) method. Pterygium are also removed.

Patients, after receiving pre operation screening and visual assessment to determine suitability for surgery, will often have their eye surgery carried out on the same day. Due to the nature of ophthalmic surgery, specialist nurses and an ophthalmologist skilled in the techniques above are required. Some non medical team members can also assist with sterilisation, patient registration, vision testing, and post operative care. Ophthalmology clinics are often run in conjunction with an optometry clinic.


There is something very satisfying in completing a construction project, however big or small. Seeing a community facility such as a school, medical clinic, or church upgraded, through to building steps into an elderly couple’s house, all provide tangible results, both for the team and the community.

While most Marine Reach outreaches are medically focussed, construction sometimes forms part of the outreach, or in some cases is the primary focus. Whatever the case, we work to find projects that suit the skills of the team and meet specific needs in the outreach location. Our construction projects are fully quantity surveyed, and the materials are ordered and delivered to the site, either before the outreach, or traveling with the team as they head out, meaning there is minimal downtime before the work can start.

Skilled team members, like builders, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, or engineers can work to their professions, building, repairing generators, water systems, motors, or farm implements. Other team members can assist, complete painting projects, or other DIY. Any construction work undertaken is always done with the help of the community. Working together allows the team to build relationships with the local people, share skills, and promote ownership of the project.

General Volunteers

While most of Marine Reach outreaches have a medical or construction focus and need qualified professionals for key roles, there are many positions for general volunteers who are willing to roll their sleeves up and help out.

Each medical clinic needs a number of assistants to take on roles including patient registration, testing, sterilization and pre and post operative care. We provide all on job training needed and have experienced team leaders to assist you.

If you passion is more hands on “build it, fix it, paint it”, then there are plenty of opportunities to do some DIY, depending on your level of skill – from painting a school classroom, to building a school classroom from scratch.

Wherever we go, the local community is thrilled to have our team there, and they love to meet and get to know you. If you love working with children, play an instrument, or like to act, or dance there are many opportunities for you to use your skills. Be assured that there will be a place where you can make a meaningful contribution on outreach.

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If you are interested to join us for a longer period as medical staff or administrative, IT staff, or even as a general volunteer with a heart for service – please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] for more information!


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