Life on Outreach

Location Selection

Marine Reach’s focus is to provide assistance in areas that are remote and poorly equipped. Each outreach location is selected based on a number of criteria. Partnering with government health services, local Christian leaders and other aid organisations we carry out advance work to find the best locations to bring our teams. Often we will work in a particular region of a country to build on past outreaches and relationships. Your outreach will be thoroughly planned and organised so your time is effectively used.

Have a question?

We understand that for many of you this may be your first time engaging in an outreach like this, so please don’t hesitate to send us an email with any questions or concerns you have and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Community Life


All of the countries we work in are regarded as “warm climate cultures.” This means, in very general terms, that building and maintaining relationships with people is very important. Life is centered around events rather than being time focused and communities are inclusive and group-oriented. When any team arrives in the community, they are welcomed as new found friends and included in community life. Friendliness, hospitality and generosity are just three of the qualities that make working and serving in the community so special.

“Island time” is a well known phrase, basically meaning that timeframes are not rigid. An event may start some minutes or hours later than advertised! Sometimes, the differences between cultures can be difficult to understand or adjust too. We will provide cultural orientation at the beginning of the outreach to help you with the transition. We also emphasize the need to be flexible.

Holistic Care

Marine Reach believes in providing holistic care to the people and communities we serve. As a Christian organisation we are motivated by Jesus Christ’s example of ministering to both physical and spiritual needs. We do not, however, make any distinction between race, religion or gender when providing our services. When providing Christian education, we aim to be culturally appropriate and it is optional for the participant. Team members who do not feel comfortable being involved in this aspect of outreach are also welcome not to participate.

Bring A Team

Do you have a team or group of friends who want to do something to assist those in need? Maybe you want to go on an outreach, but don’t know how to go about it or where to go? Bringing a team on a Marine Reach outreach could be just the thing you are looking for.

Marine Reach specialises in coordinating and running short-term practical outreaches. Using our large network of contacts and associates and working alongside government health ministries we are able to tailor an outreach for your group that utilises the skills and passions of your team members and meets specific needs in the outreach location. Because our outreaches are practically based, there are many opportunities for team members of any age and skill level. From medical professionals to labourers, teachers to builders, single people to families, young to old can join and contribute.