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Introduction to DBS Devotional

The Introduction to DBS Devotional will take you on a 12-day journey through a typical 12 week DBS (Discipleship Bible School), with each day touching on each week of our DBS. Every day, the devotional will cover a different DBS Week’s Topic. Here is the outline for the devotional over the 12 Days:

  1. Day 1: Origins
  2. Day 2: Law
  3. Day 3: Tribal
  4. Day 4: David
  5. Day 5: Kings
  6. Day 6: Early Prophets
  7. Day 7: Late Prophets
  8. Day 8: Post Exilic and Intertestament
  9. Day 9: Jesus
  10. Day 10: Church
  11. Day 11: Paul
  12. Day 12: John

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