DTS Plus

DTS is made up of 2 phases: LECTURES & OUTREACH


Join us on our beautiful property for a DTS (Discipleship Training School) and encounter God through powerful worship, engaging Biblical teaching, and receive one-on-one mentoring in our caring live and learn community. Then take it to the nations on your outreach!
During your 3-month LECTURE phase, you’ll learn about a new topic each week like Hearing God’s Voice, Understanding your Calling, Relationships, The Father Heart of God, Holy Spirit, Worship, Identity, Biblical world view, and more.
Other things that may happen during the lecture phase include a 24hr worship burn, a DTS to Cathedral Cove (where Narnia was filmed) or another amazing location nearby, community helps, evangelism, and baptisms to name a few.

Come To New Zealand – At Marine Reach, we love to disciple young people.

Join us on our beautiful property for a DTS and encounter God through powerful times of worship, 1 on 1 mentoring, engaging Biblical teaching in our live learn community. Then take it to the nations on your outreach!

During your OUTREACH phase, it’s time to take the valuable things you’ve learned from lectures and stream times and share them with others through service, mercy ministry, sharing the Gospel, discipleship, or heart to heart ministry.


We offer 10 different DTS’, and each one has a theme that runs through the school. Your DTS will meet weekly to dive into the heart of the Stream, go deeper in your walk with God, and learn new tools for an effective outreach.

For example the Pilgrimage DTS has both lectures in the classroom, but then takes lectures into the outdoors on onto scenic New Zealand trails! This then flows into outreach and becomes a tool to reach people. The Medical Compassion DTS learns about both medical and compassion in lecture phase, then uses them to reach people on outreach phase. The Wild Heart DTS learns about the Wild Hearted people in the Bible like Esther or David, but also has multiple adventure style outings for you to express your own Wild heart.

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