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How To Choose A YWAM DTS

October 19, 2020 - January 1, 2030

How To Choose A YWAM DTS

How To Choose A YWAM DTS!


There are a huge number of different locations around the world to do a YWAM DTS. Maybe choosing the best YWAM DTS location for you feels overwhelming or knowing which YWAM base is best is confusing.

If you are unsure about what’s next for you, what you’re called to, or who you’re called to, then we’re here to help!

So how are you supposed to know what YWAM DTS to choose? 

To choose a YWAM DTS you need to work out what you are looking for in a DTS, what is important to you, and how God is leading you.

There are hundreds of different YWAM Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) all over the world.

Some are a classic theme, and some have different passion-based themes; some are close to home, while others are on the opposite side of the globe; some are incredibly expensive, and some are very reasonably priced.

Here are 5 helpful suggestions of things to consider that will help you discern where God may be calling you to do your YWAM DTS!

Figure Out What You’re Passionate About

You may have noticed (maybe you’ve searched on ywam.org) that different DTSs around the world sometimes have different passion-based focuses or themes.

At Marine Reach, we call them streams. God has placed unique gifts and passions within you, and it’s on purpose! It’s part of who you are. We have found that it’s helpful to consider this when choosing a DTS, as you’ll likely find other people on a similar journey to you, and possibly be using these tools on your outreach!

You can find which theme, school, or stream best fits you personally by asking yourself: For the next few months, what do I want to focus on? What are my specific interests and passions? Is there something God has gifted me with that He wants to use or develop?

Decide When You Want to Do a DTS

Different YWAM Bases operate on different calendars, but generally, they will run their programs on a quarterly basis (that is, 4 school intakes per year).

Sometimes it’s helpful to consider other commitments or dreams when you’re considering when you would like to do your DTS. For example, you may plan to attend university in January, so you’d be looking for a DTS that finishes with enough time to prepare for your time at university. At Marine Reach, we offer our programs starting every January, April, July, and October.

Check out our blog post about the best season to do a DTS here

YWAM Marine Reach Vanuatu
Think About Where You Are Called

Whether you want to stay close to home or go across the world, there are often many opportunities for both. Depending on which YWAM Base and DTS you choose, different bases and schools have locations and/or countries they routinely focus on for their outreaches. What language do you want to speak? Where do you want to go? Is there a region or people group you feel called to?

At Marine Reach, we love to serve the people of Vanuatu and regularly send DTS outreaches to this beautiful Pacific Island. You can find out more about our work in Vanuatu here.

Find Out the History of the Base You’re Looking At

It’s always super helpful to get first-hand perspectives on the base and school you’re considering, so what better way than testimonies?!

Whether it’s videos or stories, finding out what other people are saying about the base you’re interested in attending can contribute to your final decision in choosing a DTS. (We have a whole page of video testimonies from people who have been part of a Marine Reach DTS here if you’re interested.)

Also, consider how long that YWAM Base has been active, and whether the community seems to be thriving (or otherwise). Check out the social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) to get a sense of the community life, and whether you could see yourself being a part of it!

YWAM Marine Reach NZ DTS Go Pacific DTS
Commit It to God in Prayer

After all the research you’ve done, it’s time to submit it all to God in prayer and trust that He will guide you. God is a communicator!

By praying, we involve God in our plans and invite Him to lead us.

Has God given you peace about any of your options? Has He spoken to you in His “still, small voice”? Has He confirmed it through a scripture? As we grow in learning how to hear God’s voice, we always want to seek His will, because He knows what’s best!

Here at Marine Reach, we have 10 different DTS streams to choose from:
  • Wild Heart – People who are ready for the adventure; willing to do anything and go anywhere for Jesus. 
  • Medical Compassion – People with a heart of compassion wanting to know more about medical missions. 
  • Leadership and Pioneering – People willing to use ideas and dreams to explore the unknown. 
  • Worship –  People passionately reflecting Jesus in the way they worship. 
  • Prayer and Passion – People seeking intimacy in their relationship with God through prayer. 
  • Cover to Cover – People with a hunger for God’s Word and want a deeper understanding of the Bible. 
  • Justice Movement – People who will be a voice for the voiceless, see the forgotten, justice for the unjust. 
  • Pilgrimage – People wanting to walk with Jesus while stretching themselves both physically and spiritually. 
  • Go – People ready to dive deep into God’s love for others through evangelism.
  • Kingdom Come – People with epic faith expecting God to move. 

Remember this experience is unique to every individual, and will look different for us all ! God will meet you just where you are!!

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Still Got Some Questions?

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October 19, 2020
January 1, 2030
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