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YWAM DTS Online: Why We Don’t Do It

October 19, 2020 - January 1, 2030

YWAM DTS Online: Why We Don’t Do It

YWAM DTS Online: Why We Don’t Do It (And Neither Should You!)


Discipleship doesn’t happen through a screen.

YWAM DTS Praying for Students
At Marine Reach we believe strongly in discipling people, introducing people to Jesus. One of our goals is to introduce people to living out their faith that is built upon a relationship with Jesus. We do this mainly through our Discipleship Training School (DTS) on our beautiful property and don’t offer the DTS online. So maybe you’ve been looking at doing something like a DTS but would like to do it online, and you see we don’t offer it online. We understand that one of your questions is why not online? Let’s take a look why that is.
Why do we at Marine Reach do onsite discipleship?
Paul says “…imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.(1 Corinthians 11:1) and when looking at the life of Jesus we see him being with his disciples. When looking at the life of Paul we see the same thing, he teaches people from a distance but always desires to be with them. This is a model we gladly follow.

Jesus could’ve easily taken a seat with the top scribes of his day, from an intellectual standpoint for sure, this however is not the starting point one should take when looking at Jesus ministry. In Philippians 2:6-11 we read that Jesus comes to the earth as a servant. He comes to be with us. We read this in John as well saying that Jesus came to the earth “…and made his dwelling among us.(John 1:8)

Next to having these textual reasons we have some experiential reasons as well. We see other organisations doing amazing things for God’s kingdom online, as well as doing some things online ourselves as well. We do our discipleship onsite. As we have seen hundreds of lives changed before our eyes through the process.

There are other reasons why we do onsite discipleship as well:
  • Interaction with teachers is easier and encouraged by being able to interact with the teachers live.
  • We live life together as followers of Jesus.
  • There is a place to pray and worship together in person, including a prayer chapel.
  • Our property is amazing and to be enjoyed, with even a beautiful waterfall.
  • The food is amazing, seriously we have some good food.
  • Our staff love to meet with students.
  • We want students to interact with each other as they encounter Jesus.
  • And there is so much more we could add to this list.
Our desire is that everyone gets to know God and from there makes him known to those they encounter in their lives. We believe this works best when people can fully focus on Jesus in a safe and healthy environment.
We believe, and have seen hundreds of times, that lives get changed when people meet Jesus through the DTS, other schools (Discipleship Bible School, Foundations Internship, School of Primary Health Care) and other ways we do onsite discipleship (Applied Leadership Track and living in community) at Marine Reach.
Our goal and reason why we do onsite discipleship is that people encounter Jesus with no barriers, whether those barriers are physical, like a screen, or spiritual, like an unsafe environment.
We invite anybody to come to come and experience Jesus with us at Marine Reach.
For more information check our website or contact us.

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October 19, 2020
January 1, 2030
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