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Staff Reviews: 10 Worship Albums to Encourage You on Your Walk

October 19, 2020 - January 1, 2030

Worship Album Reviews

Staff Reviews: 10 Worship Albums to Encourage You on Your Walk

Staff Reviews: 10 Worship Albums to Encourage You on Your Walk

Here at Marine Reach, we have a culture of acknowledging Jesus in our everyday life and learning and talking about His goodness and faithfulness to us as individuals and as a ministry. One of the ways we do this is through praise and worship, it turns our focus from ourselves onto Jesus, the one worthy of our attention and adoration. Worship is one of the ways we can honour, bless and give thanks to the Lord for who He is, what He’s done and will do for us! In difficult seasons, like 2020… and even this year, worship songs with edifying lyrics and truth can change our perspective and remind us of God’s character! We can use worship to soak in His presence and bring us deeper into the revelation of His love.

We have a variety of cultures and languages and our taste in music and even worship artists can be diverse. A few of the albums include well-known artists/bands and others have different artists with a very contemporary feel to them. These are 10 worship albums that some of our staff recommend to encourage you, whatever season you may be in. We pray that as you worship they bring you hope and truth, so give them a listen!

Album #1: Old Church Basement

Artist: Elevation Worship & Maverick City

Favourite song: Jireh

Review: For me, it speaks about being content about what God has spoken about us as His people and what he has given to us – He has given us All things. All that we need is in Him and I really think it’s a timely song for this current season the world is in.”  Abigail, 20 USA

Links: Spotify Apple Music 

10 Worship Album Reccomendations

Album #2: Songs from Home

Artist: Jonathan Ogden

Favourite song: Alright

Review: “I feel like it speaks to where I’m at in my life right now and I like how it connected me to Jesus’ love for me.” Amy C, 22 Australia

Links: Spotify  Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #3: Better Word (Live)

Artist: Leeland

Favourite song: Waymaker

Review: “I like the lyrics a lot and I feel like it is challenging my thinking about God and how I see Him.”  Isi, 32 Tonga

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #4: Preachers

Artist: Harvest

Favourite song: Song of the Lamb

Review: “I like the album because it’s different, it’s not your classic worship music… The lyrics focus on how Jesus alone is worthy. It makes me think about how I see Jesus and question if I have him in the right place in my life. In all, it describes the desire of my heart: that my life would make a difference for the Kingdom.” Victoria, 21 Canada

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #5: Peace

Artist: Bethel

Favourite song: Peace

Review: “I love this album because I just stumbled on it accidentally when I was going through such a hard time in my life and the album is so restful… it really does bring peace when you listen to it. I LOVE the song ‘peace’ because it acknowledges the struggle and the pain but brings it back to the peace of God.” Jessica, 21 England

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #6: Uma Coisa – Ao Vivo

Artist: Morada

Favourite song: Só Tu És Santo (Ao Vivo)

Review: “Morada is one of my favourite artists and this album is so good. I love the lyrics and how meaningful they are. At The Send Brazil, they even had some of the lyrics translated to English – you should go have a listen, they’re so powerful. ”  Juliana, 29 Brazil

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #7: Feeling

Artist: Michael Hughes Watson

Favourite song: ALL OF THEM

Review: “I enjoy the vibe of the album and how fun it is… not your usual worship.” Anika, 26 USA

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #8: Departures

Artist: John Forman

Favourite song: A Place Called Earth

Review: “All of the songs on the album are amazing but the lyrics of A Place Called Earth are like a dream you want to come true…” Elzeline, 35 The Netherlands

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #9: Worship

Artist: Caleb and Kelsey

Favourite song: 10,000 Reasons / What a Beautiful Name

Review: “All of the songs are mash-ups of powerful worship songs that fit together so well! I will often put this album on when I am going on a walk or during my quiet time with the Lord. The lyrics bring truth with the added bonus of beautiful melodies and artful mashups.” Kelsey, 22 New Zealand

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Album #10: Reckless Love

Artist: Cory Asbury

Favourite song: Born Again

Review: It focuses on the love of the Father and relationship with the Father. It’s helpful for me to receive the Fathers love in this season of my life.” Gabe, 34 USA

Links: Spotify Apple Music

10 Worship Album Reviews

Bonus Album: Speak

Artist: Marine Reach Worship

Comment: Last year we came out with our very own worship album, make sure to go check it out!

Links: Spotify Apple Music


Kelsey, Staff at Marine Reach 2021

Marine Reach Worship Album Speak


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October 19, 2020
January 1, 2030
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