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The Unstoppable Gospel

October 19, 2020 - January 1, 2030

The Unstoppable Gospel

Made in the image of God Bible devotional
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Anika Hochstedler, 25, New York

[January 2018 DTS, Wild Heart, Outreach location: Solomon Islands]

My favorite part of outreach was when we went to the outer islands of the Solomon Islands.  For a week, our team went from village to village; some of the places we visited had never even seen white people before. We had ministry time where we would share a “program” with them, bringing testimonies, leading worship, and giving a message from the Word. We were able to hand out bibles that were translated into their native language and pray with them.

A week before, our team got words about getting the chance to pray for people who were practicing ancestral worship. One night, one of the beach villages invited us to speak to them, and we had no idea, ministry wise, what we were going to bring. Going with the Holy Spirit, we hoped that everything would come as He led us. And boy, did He surprise us! We were sitting in this little chapel on the sand, waiting for the Lord to give us direction with where to go. Honestly, we just sat for a while. The whole village was outside staring in at us, expecting something to happen.

Finally, we received the words “simple gospel”, leading us to do a skit that we made up highlighting creation and Jesus’ ministry. Afterwards, one of our team leaders shared his testimony, where he was taken out of witchcraft and gang affiliation and into a life with Jesus. He was able to relate to these people, yet also share how Jesus changed his own life and revealed God’s loving nature. We had just about every hand raised when we asked who wanted to receive Jesus as their Saviour. We prayed for everyone that night! There were so many with pain that were hungry for freedom and in need of healing. We explained that they needed to renounce the gods that they worship, and accept Jesus as their only God. The chief of the village stood up and HIMSELF declared that he would no longer worship other gods, but God alone.

We then went into an incredible prayer time with them, where I sang some worship in the background and my team went and laid hands praying for healing. The chief and some of the elders of the village gave us this vision that they saw tongues of fire standing over our heads like the church in Acts during pentecost. Come to think of it, it was in the time between Easter and Pentecost Sunday that this happened. Pain left and blind eyes opened! I think the coolest part of this was that even though we didn’t speak or understand each other because of our language barrier, they still received a revelation of who God is, and His healing through the Holy Spirit. The chief again stood up and thanked us saying they thought we would have come with material things like clothes, glasses and medicine, but instead we brought something so much better. Late in the evening as we left that village we praised God for all that we had just witnessed. It was one of the most remarkable and memorable nights of my life!

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October 19, 2020
January 1, 2030
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