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All Day

Wild Heart DTS

If you have a thirst for adventure and are hungry to take your relationship with God to a wild new level, Wild Heart is for you!

Worship DTS

If you have a PASSION for worship and for God’s PRESENCE, this DTS is for you!

Cover to Cover DTS

If you want to get grounded in God, know God’s word, and even teach His word, this DTS is for you!


Do you have a love for culture and people, and are ready to GO further and deeper for your outreach? Go Pacific is for you!

Justice Movement DTS

Are you wanting to be God’s hands and express His heart in the area of injustice and make a difference? Then this DTS is for you.

Kingdom Come DTS

Are you ready to take your faith to a whole new level, trusting God more than you ever have before? This DTS is for you!

Medical Compassion DTS

If you want to get basic skills in medical missions or use your medical skills for God, this is your DTS!

Prayer & Passion DTS

If you have a love for prayer and the deep intimacy with God it brings, this DTS is for you!

Leadership & Pioneering DTS

Do you have a call to leadership or a call to pioneer? Do you long to go where no one has gone before? Do you have visions, dreams, and ideas, but don’t know what to do with them? The Leadership & Pioneering DTS is for you!

Hungry For More

His abundant grace, lead me to do a DBS, and it transformed me.

A YWAM DTS Daily Schedule

Ever wonder what a day on DTS is actually like? Well, now you don't have to wonder: we'll tell ya!


DTS was a life changing experience. He awakened me to His love.

What to Pack for a YWAM DTS

Are you coming to do one of our courses, but don't quite know what to bring? Take a look here at our recommended packing list for coming to Marine Reach!

But Jesus

Everyone needs a 'but Jesus' in their life. DTS was mine.

The Unstoppable Gospel

It was one of the most remarkable and memorable nights of my life!

Can You Do A YWAM DTS Married?

Are you married and considering a DTS? Juliana and Douglas were in the same situation, here's their story!

English Second Language?

Worried about doing a DTS that isn't in your native language? Here is one perspective who went through the same process!

YWAM DTS Lecture Topics

Some of you may be wondering what the different lecture phase topics are. Here is a list we’ve put together that we've found to be the most common.

Trusting God to Provide

Trusting God can be one of the hardest things in your life, but God is faithful! He has always been, you just have to remind yourself of that sometimes!

How To Choose A YWAM DTS

Are you overwhelmed by the huge number of different places to do a DTS around the world? Are you not sure what’s next? This might help you out!

YWAM Medical Missions at Marine Reach

Wondering what medical missions are all about? Here’s is an interview from a formerly Medical Compassion staff sharing her heart behind it.

Our Favourite Places in Tauranga

We thought it would be nice to put together a little list of all of our favourite hangout spots in Tauranga. Maybe they'll be some of yours too!

Genuine Worship

"Precisely when you don't feel like worshiping, that is when you must ... that is when your worship becomes genuine."

Journal Entry: Father Heart of God

But I think it was less about what he was saying and more about me experiencing the Father's heart, and God's great love for me.

Living in Community at Marine Reach

Ever wonder what it’s like living in community? What will the rooms be like? We’re here to tell you what housing looks like during your DTS.

Pilgrimage DTS

If you want to strip away the distractions of life to seek and discover God in His Word and Creation, then the Pilgrimage DTS is designed for you!

YWAM DTS Requirements

What are the requirements for attending a YWAM DTS? Are there any prerequisites for acceptance?

Foundations Internship

Come on a 4-week journey and build a strong foundation in your relationship with God. In a turbulent world, now is the time for followers of Jesus to stand on an immovable foundation and impact their world. Go deep and get equipped to expand God’s Kingdom here on earth.

How much does a YWAM DTS cost?

One of the first questions you probably want the answer to is how much is this DTS going to cost you. We've got the answer you’re looking for.

Our Chapel

Want to learn about our house of prayer? Here's an interview with one of our founders explaining her heart and the history behind our chapel.

DBS Testimonies

Here are some testimonies from two of our most recent students of what God did through their Discipleship Bible School and how they grew.

YWAM DTS Online: Why We Don’t Do It

Why at Marine Reach do we do onsite discipleship? Why don't we just do a DTS online? Check out the benefits of onsite discipleship here!

What Is A Discipleship Bible School?

Maybe you’re asking, “Okay, I think I’m starting to get the picture, but what is a Discipleship Bible School really all about?”

Our Podcast Tips

Looking for a good podcast tip? Here are our podcast tips. We love helping people on their journey, so here's some giving podcast tips!

Is YWAM a Cult?

“Cult” is not a title most people want to be associated with. But does it describe YWAM? Find out what actually goes on in YWAM.

Am I Ready For YWAM?

When one stands on the brink of a new adventure, it’s normal to take a deep breath and ask the question: “Am I ready for this?”

What Makes the Best YWAM DTS Locations?

We think these are 5 core elements that will help you navigate through the hundreds of options available and find the best YWAM DTS location.

How Do I Join YWAM?

Have you ever been interested in going into missions and wondered how do I join YWAM? Well… it’s easy! There are a few options if you are interested in short term or long term missions here at YWAM Marine Reach.

YWAM DTS vs. Bible School – 4 Key Differences

This article examines 4 key differences between a YWAM DTS and a Bible School experience. Whether you're at a crossroads, or you've got the next 5 years planned out, you're gonna want to read this.

Paul The Tentmaker

But what some people don’t know is that Paul didn’t always support himself by making tents, and more importantly, that his motivation was...

Paul The Fundraiser

But what some people don’t know is that Paul didn’t always support himself by making tents, and more importantly, that his motivation was...

Cover to Cover DTS PLUS

Marine Reach Training Centre 237 Warner Road, Tauranga

Gap Year - Take your Cover to Cover DTS experience FURTHER by signing up for our Cover to Cover DTS PLUS, which includes our incredible Second Level School, Discipleship Bible School (DBS)

The School of Primary Health Care

If you have a heart to make a difference and to bring health care, understanding and the hope of Christ to those with no or little access to health care, this school is for you.


Applied Leadership Track

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership abilities in a live learn environment? Our three month ALT course does just that!

School of Media Film and Photography

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership abilities in a live learn environment? Our three month ALT course does just that!

Discipleship Bible School

Are you longing to know God and God’s word on a much deeper level and more intimately? Do a DBS!