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Donations & Payments

Donate generally to Marine Reach New Zealand, donate to an individual staff member or student, or make a payment toward your School Fees or Staff Boarding Costs! Use the drop-down menu below and follow the instructions and pay with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard only).
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** If you are making an INTERNATIONAL online payment (from anywhere outside of NZ) please contact your bank to let them know you will be making this transaction PRIOR to entering the transaction, or your payment will most likely not go through.

For DTS student payments please note the following:

For Pilgrimage, Medical Compassion, Worship, Go Pacific and Wild Heart: $10,490NZD All Inclusive Price*

For Kingdom Come, Justice Movement, Prayer and Passion, Cover to Cover, and Leadership & Pioneering: $9,990NZD All Inclusive Price*

Your fees cover tuition, accommodation, food, stream activities, and all school-related transportation costs for the 12 weeks of Lecture Phase, including a school field trip to experience first hand New Zealand’s beauty and wildlife. Your fees also include all your meals, flights, accommodation, transport, field supplies and visas required during your 8 weeks of Outreach.

*Does not include travel costs to and from Tauranga, health insurance, immunisations and visas to enter New Zealand (if applicable).

All fees must be paid according to the Payment Schedule. Students will not be able to begin involvement unless they are able to make these payments. However, if the school leader/base leadership is contacted and the financial situation is explained, another payment schedule may be arranged. This needs to be done prior to arrival at YWAM Marine Reach. In addition, students will not be considered eligible for involvement in Outreach Phase until all required fees are paid.


$3000 NZD of the total STUDENT fees must be paid before arrival. 60% of the total school costs to be paid by week 4, and the balance of fees to be paid by week 8.


Once students enrol, it is expected that they will continue through the entire school. However, if both the leadership and the student feel that the individual is unable to meet the spiritual, moral, and attitudinal standards of the school, then it will be necessary for the student to withdraw.

The DTS Refund Policy, off the total school fees:

Week 1 90% Week 2 80%
Week 3 70% Week 4 60%
Week 5 40% Week 6 30%
Week 7-12 20% Week 13-16 10%
Week 17+ 0%


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