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Staff Application

Before You Apply

Use our online application form to apply for any of our Volunteer Staff Positions.

Be sure to click through to complete each of the 3 Steps so we get all of your references along with your application. If you’ve already completed your application form and you haven’t heard back from us, there’s a good chance one of your references is incomplete. In order for us to begin processing your application, we require both references be submitted along with your completed application form.

PLEASE NOTE that this application form is quite extensive, and unfortunately your progress CANNOT be saved along the way. Should you accidentally reset the form, or lose connection somehow, all entered information will be lost.

Only when you click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form will then your information be safe.

It is therefore HIGHLY recommended that you copy and paste your answers (especially for the Personal Questions) into a Word document as a preventative measure / backup.

DTS Leader / Base Leader / Other Leader

Please forward this link (https://reach.infoodle.com/form_process?g=a99dce89-eb57-4301-9aea-f2d3939a0ecb) to your referee (either your DTS Leader, Base Leader, or other leader). Alternatively, they can access the form via our website by clicking below. It is important that they use your proper name on the form so it can be linked to your file. We recommend that when you ask them to fill out the reference, you mention that a timely response within 7 days would be appreciated.


PLEASE NOTE: Their reference will be sent directly to us, and kept according to our privacy policy.