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Do you have a desire to serve in missions, either short or long term? Come be a part of the Marine Reach family in New Zealand.

As you discover the different areas where you could join us, you’ll also gain a little insight into the structure of Marine Reach. Each department belongs to a “Circle”, which is a grouping of related departments. Each Circle carries unique responsibilities, but we all work together to fulfil the goal of Marine Reach: to mobilize young people into missions.

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YWAM Marine Reach NZ DTS Leadership & Pioneering DTS


Some of the responsibilities of our Training Staff are:

  • Biblical Discipleship
  • Small-Group Leading
  • Team Building/Leading
  • Administration
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Heart & Spirit Ministry to the Students
  • Outreach Program Preparation & Liaising


Our Operations Circle looks after the physical property of Marine Reach and comes up with systems and solutions for any and all issues that may arise on base.

Everything from ensuring our vehicles are in tip-top shape, making repairs around the building, to eradicating invasive plant species in our 20+ acre property, our Operations Circle keeps our property in pristine condition.

Listed here are the different departments within the Operations Circle:

  • Grounds/Gardens (up keep of the grounds)
  • Maintenance (handyman, plumber, electrician, etc.)
  • Security (Safety on base)
  • Vehicle Fleet Management (Upkeep of the vehicles, maintenance, service runs)


Our incredible Hospitality Circle specializes in making people feel welcome and loved while they’re here at Marine Reach. Everything from setting up extravagant events and making welcome packs for guests, to organizing a cleaning schedule – it’s all in a day’s work for the Hospitality Circle. We’d be thrilled if you called Hospitality your home while you’re with us.

Here are the different departments within the Hospitality Circle:

  • Events (Celebrations, Baby showers, Christmas parties)
  • Food Services (Kitchen, meal planning)
  • Guest Services (Managing the guest room, speaker hospitality, welcome packs)
  • Housekeeping (Room prep, cleaning laundry)
  • Housing (Bed allocations and planning)


Medical missions has always been a strong part of Marine Reach with over $4,000,000 worth of medical services provided to the poor and needy in cities and remote island communities in the last 30 years of ministry through our DTS and medical teams.  And that calling is getting stronger to this day with the Family Care Centre, our newly built medical facility in Vanuatu.  The FCC has a medical clinic, a diagnostic lab, and a dental clinic.  Between the Medical Compassion DTS, the School of Primary Health Care, and the Family Care Centre we are always keen to see either medical staff or compassionate staff join our team!


Behind the scenes, our Administration Circle works toward keeping all the technical infrastructure of Marine Reach running smoothly. Whether it’s making sure our website is up to date, serving in our accounts department, or communicating with prospective students before they arrive at our doorstep, our Administration Circle handles the majority of the technical aspects of our Ministry.

Here’s a list of the different departments within the Administration Circle:

  • Accounts (Bookkeeping, invoicing, payments)
  • Marketing
  • Media/Communications
  • Registrar (student communications)
  • I.T. (Information Technology) and Website Management

Mission Builders

If you really don’t know where you would fit – that’s okay too! We have a program called Mission Builders for those who are interested in serving in a short-term capacity to simply help out. You can come for a few weeks or few months! Contact us for more information on this program.

Staffing at Marine Reach:

  • All our Staff positions require a minimum commitment of one year.
  • All of our Staff serve on a complete volunteer basis, trusting God for financial support.
  • The Staff boarding costs are $150/week; this covers your basic accommodation, food, wifi, and laundry costs.
  • Regardless of the circle or department, in order to join our staff team you must:
    • Have completed a YWAM DTS
    • Agree to adhere to Marine Reach’s core beliefs, values, and Code of Ethics
    • Complete the application process (including references) and be approved
    • Have a valid visa that permits you to volunteer with us full-time (if not a citizen of New Zealand or Australia).
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More info?

If you’re interested in joining our Staff Team but didn’t see the area where you think you could join the Marine Reach family, contact us to see whether there are other opportunities that might suit your unique passion skill set.

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