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Who is
Marine Reach?

Born out of the YWAM Movement

Marine Reach New Zealand is a pioneering, missional community of people with a shared desire to show God’s compassion to those who are overlooked, forgotten, and vulnerable around the world, especially in New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific.

This desire compels us to:

  • Raise up a new generation of pioneering leaders through biblical training and discipleship
  • Provide healthcare services to those in need
  • Establish new missions centres in isolated communities across the Pacific

We do this by:


Christians to grow in their relationship with God through training programs, discipleship, and mentoring at our Training Centre in Tauranga, New Zealand.


to ease suffering and provide hope for those affected by poverty, disease and injustice by means of medical outreaches, our Family Care Centre in Vanuatu, and our medical ship M/V Pacific Hope which is currently deployed in the Carribbean.


young people out as missionaries all over the world in a variety of contexts to advance God’s purposes in the nations, through our training programs and staff outreaches.


nations and pursuing lasting transformation through focused community development, health education, and genuine relationships.

Our Core Values

Since its beginning in 1990, Marine Reach has embraced the foundational values of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) global movement and remains committed to doing so. However, over the years through God’s direction Marine Reach has also developed its own unique DNA and set of core values. There is no doubt that as God speaks to and leads Marine Reach into the future, these values will continue to be sharpened and developed. As such, this document is not static or final, but may be updated by Marine Reach’s leadership based on the Word of the Lord.

1. The GRID

We believe that healthy relationships are the core of effective ministry, so we seek to love, honour, and value God, other people, and ourselves in every situation. Living this out includes the following elements:

2. God at the Centre

We believe that God is the supreme Creator and Lord of all things, perfect in wisdom. We also believe that He loves each of us with faithful and steadfast love. As such, it is our great desire to worship Him and be led by Him in everything. In particular, we value:

3. Visionary & Pioneering Attitude

God has called us to the apostolic work of going to new places, launching new ministries, and thinking outside of the status quo. Embracing this calling leads us to:

4. Whānau/Family & Community

“Build a nest of righteousness, I will make it an incubator for the miraculous.” Based on this Word of the Lord, we value creating a home-like atmosphere where people feel a sense of safety and belonging within the family of God. It’s a place where they can grow and fail as they learn from their experiences and from the people around them. This atmosphere is created through aspects both large and small:

5. A Culture of Transformational Discipleship

We value Jesus’ model of choosing imperfect people and training them to lead through relationship-based mentoring, teaching, and hands-on experience. As such, we seek to develop a culture which:

6. Excellence & Professionalism

God has called us to maintain a consistently high standard of quality in all that we do, from our training programs to our work environment to our physical properties. This includes:

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