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Kingdom Come DTS

January 20 @ 8:00 am - July 20 @ 5:00 pm

Kingdom Come DTS

Are you ready to take your faith to a whole new level, trusting God more than you ever have before? This DTS is for you!

The Kingdom Come DTS is all about living out the full expression of the Gospel. The disciples watched Jesus release the Kingdom of God all over Israel through miracles, healings, provision, and teaching. And in Matthew 6, they said to Jesus “teach us how to pray”. That’s where we get the Lord’s prayer and the line “your Kingdom come”! Jesus Christ is unveiling the reality of His kingdom in and through the hearts of sons and daughters who dare to believe for the release of God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. This is a DTS for people who’ll not only pray about breakthrough but will partner with Him for the breakthrough. Are YOU one of them?


The first 3 months of DTS involve weekly lectures and regular times of worship and intercession, giving you the chance to encounter the living God more and more. In addition, the Kingdom Come DTS will also have a weekly stream time where we will take a closer look at the model Jesus left for us to follow. You will study the Sermon on the Mount and the Lord’s prayer, the Lordship of Jesus, Jesus’ Relationship with the Father, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Signs and Wonders, Prayer and Worship, the “Normal” Christian life, and so much more!

This school is more than talking about the Kingdom; you get to live it. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice and apply what you’re learning in the classroom out in the city of Tauranga. Whether through street evangelism, prayer stations, or treasure hunts, you’ll be challenged to get bold and release God’s presence to see His Kingdom come!


Below is an overview of what could be covered in our weekly streams:

1. The Normal Christian Life
2. The Sermon on the Mount:
3. Not My Will, But Yours Be Done:
4. The Presence of God and the Ascended Lifestyle:
5. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire:
1. The Normal Christian Life
  • What does it look like to be a Christian, or an “anointed one?”
  • What does the Bible and history have to say about what was always expected to be “normal” Christianity?
  • Are some things we’ve come to believe were reserved for the extraordinary actually intended to be ordinary?
2. The Sermon on the Mount:
  • After Jesus first proclaimed and demonstrated the Gospel of the Kingdom, He sat down to teach His followers. What followed was one of the most revolutionary teachings ever recorded. In it, Jesus boldly declared the ushering in of a new age, and the terms of a new covenant.
  • What did it mean in its original context?
  • What does it reveal about the Father’s heart?
  • What does it mean for us today?
3. Not My Will, But Yours Be Done:
  • The night before Jesus was crucified is deeply significant for any follow of Christ to reflect on. Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, John 6
  • How was Jesus able to consistently submit to His Father’s will?
  • What can we learn from the model Jesus presented us with His life and death?
4. The Presence of God and the Ascended Lifestyle:
  • Moses was a man who “spoke face to face with God, as a man speaks to his friend.” (Exodus 33) David knew that the face of the Lord was the “One Thing” His heart was to seek. Today, we are under a far more glorious covenant.
  • How was Jesus able to live completely dependent upon the Father for His every decision, word, and move?
  • This week we learn keys to living out “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6) from the resurrection and ascension of Jesus.
5. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire:
  • Jesus was baptized in water, and the Holy Spirit descended on Him in bodily form as a dove. John the Baptist, however, prophesied that Jesus would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire (Matthew 3)
  • This week we explore what that means for us today?
6. The Miraculous Lifestyle:
7. Worship:
8. History of Revivals and Revivalists:
9. Biblical, Christian Worldview:
10. Barriers to Intimacy and fruitfulness:
11. The Authority and Pre-eminence of Jesus the King:
6. The Miraculous Lifestyle:
  • Jesus promised that those who believe in Him would do “greater works” (John 14) than He ever did. He is looking for a generation who will dare to live this out in everyday life.
7. Worship:
  • There is no contest as to who the High King of Heaven is. God alone sits on the throne and will forever be worthy of our worship. Regardless of our circumstances, He is the one King on the throne of Heaven. Faith, preaching, and prophecy will one day cease: worship never will.
  • This week we look at John 4 and “true worshipers”
8. History of Revivals and Revivalists:
  • The Church has gone through a significant journey from the time of the first apostles until today. Was revival ever the intention of the heart of God? Was it ever God’s plan that His church would need to be revived? What do the revivals and reformations of Christian history tell us about God’s heart for His people?
9. Biblical, Christian Worldview:
  • There are many world views alive and well in the church globally. This week we look at the worldview based on the standard set in the Bible? Do we understand the events around us through Biblical lenses, modern/western lenses, or maybe even through traditional lenses?
  • What does the Bible have to say about sacred versus secular?
10. Barriers to Intimacy and fruitfulness:
  • The life of a believer is more than just going to church, reading the Bible and praying.
  • How do we go through life abiding in Jesus when disappointments, difficulties, offences and fear encroach on all sides?
  • We will study how to overcome these and other barriers, ensuring our hearts stay pure before Him.
11. The Authority and Pre-eminence of Jesus the King:
  • Jesus Christ is the centre. All of history hinged on His appearing, and so should our lives.
  • Should we make a transition from Old to New Covenant living?
  • What does it mean to have the mind of Christ?
  • How do we live on earth as the body, with Jesus, the head, in heaven?
  • What does it mean that we live in the kingdom, yet we are still waiting for His kingdom to come?
Marine Reach YWAM NZ DTS New Zealand Missions Training




19 October 2020
18 October 2021


Lectures       $5495 NZD
Outreach      $4495 NZD


Lecture phase: Meals, Accommodation, Tuition, School Outings, Stream Activities

Outreach phase: Flights, Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Visas

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January 20 @ 8:00 am
July 20 @ 5:00 pm
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