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Prayer & Passion DTS

July 20 - October 9

Prayer & Passion DTS

If you have a love for prayer and the deep intimacy with God it brings, this DTS is for you!

In Luke 11, the disciples asked, “Lord, teach us how to pray”. Like the disciples, when we learn to pray, the benefits are obvious; we know God’s heart better, grow in intimacy with Him, and understand the power of prayer like never before! Are you ready to draw close to the heart of God and discover what beats on the inside? It’s more than just experiencing that place of intimacy that comes from prayer, but learning to live out of it. Let what beats in your heart come into alignment with what beats in His and MAKE YOUR LIFE A HOUSE OF PRAYER!



Prayer is a vital part of our lives as believers. Over the lecture phase we will unpackage the Lord’s prayer even more, learning to be a people who desire to see His kingdom come and His will to be done in our lives and on the earth.

We’ll also discover the importance of prayer personally, corporately, and for the nations, the link between prayer, worship, and spiritual warfare, and the power of praying Scripture. Discover how prayer can be an engine room for life!

Other opportunities and activities include participating or leading our weekly base-wide intercession times, and exploring our extensive prayer walk in our amazing valley, complete with 30ft waterfall. Take time to soak in the Lord’s presence in our Prayer Chapel, or Whare Karakia (In the native language). There may also be Bible-reading marathons, Prayer and Fasting weekends, and prayer ministry and evangelism.



Below is an overview of what could be covered in our weekly streams:

1. The Heartbeat of Prayer & Passion: A Brief Overview of the Focus and Goals
2. Intercession and Prayer:
3. Intimacy with God
4. Application: Time in His Presence
5. Prayer and Fasting
1. The Heartbeat of Prayer & Passion: A Brief Overview of the Focus and Goals
  • Deepening our relationship with God, aligning our hearts with His, understanding prayer and intercession, and being equipped to live it as a lifestyle
  • Intimacy with God. What does it look like to make Him our first love?
  • Allowing our hearts to burn with passion for Jesus and for seeing His Kingdom come to earth
2. Intercession and Prayer:
  • What is prayer and what is intercession? Are they the same thing? What are the differences?
  • How is intimacy a crucial key to intercession?
  • Taking a look at this question: Do you actually believe that our prayers can bring about a change in our lives, cities, and world?
3. Intimacy with God
  • Being a friend of God. How can we cultivate intimacy with God?
  • Emphasis on our relationship with the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit
  • What role does intimacy with God have in our prayer life?
  • How does intimacy with God lead to a revelation of our own identity?
4. Application: Time in His Presence
  • Spending time simply listening to God
  • Asking Him questions
  • Not only listening to Holy Spirit but actually responding to what He says
5. Prayer and Fasting
  • What is fasting and why do we fast? Is it really that essential to prayer? What’s the connection? How do you fast?
  • What does it really look like to have a life style of prayer and fasting?
  • Learn about the power and effectiveness when prayer is combined with fasting
6. Persistent Prayer: The Church’s Weapon to Fight Injustice
7. Application: Intercession for Injustice
8. Renewing of the Mind
9. Praying Scripture
10. Spiritual Warfare
11. Other Activities Include:
6. Persistent Prayer: The Church’s Weapon to Fight Injustice
  • Human trafficking. Child soldiers. Terrorism. The list can go on and on and on. But what can we as the body of Christ do to fight injustice?
  • How do we deal with the discouragement that comes when prayers are seemingly unanswered?
  • Looking at examples in Scripture that affirm the effectiveness and necessity of persevering prayer
7. Application: Intercession for Injustice
  • Spend some time researching various injustices currently happening in the world
  • As a stream we will take some time to intercede on behalf of these issues
8. Renewing of the Mind
  • Recognize the power that comes with allowing God to transform our minds
  • How can we allow God to replace our own way of thinking and perceiving with God’s way of thinking?
  • Distinguishing truth from lies and making the choice to embrace the new creation and live out of our identity in Christ
9. Praying Scripture
  • Why pray Scripture?
  • The Bible is full of prayers! We’ll be taking a look at many of these examples throughout the Word
  • Emphasis on the importance of memorizing scripture; when you know it, it will naturally flow through your prayers
10. Spiritual Warfare
  • What is spiritual warfare and why is it important?
  • Personal battlegrounds (our mind, words, attitudes, etc.)
  • What are the weapons we have that we can use?
  • Various types of corporate warfare: worship, prayer walking, declaration, etc.
11. Other Activities Include:
  • A Bible study on the book of Hebrews throughout the lecture phase portion of the DTS
  • We will also be joining with other ministries in the city of Tauranga at least twice a month for either a time of worship and intercession, or for community helps.
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20 July 2020
18 Jan 2021
19 July 2021


Lectures       $5495 NZD
Outreach      $4495 NZD


Lecture phase: Meals, Accommodation, Tuition, School Outings, Stream Activities

Outreach phase: Flights, Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Visas

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July 20
October 9
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