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Leadership & Pioneering DTS

July 20 - October 9

YWAM Marine Reach NZ DTS Leadership & Pioneering DTS

Leadership & Pioneering DTS

Do you have a call to leadership or a call to pioneer? Do you long to go where no one has gone before? Do you have visions, dreams, and ideas, but don’t know what to do with them? The Leadership & Pioneering DTS is for you!

In Chapter 2 of Joel, it says that we will have dreams and visions. The Leadership & Pioneering DTS will take you on the journey from having visions and dreams to allowing God to breathe His life and creativity into them.

Whether you have dreams, or you’ve given up on them, this could be the beginning of a HUGE adventure; a place where God’s plans and purposes, together with your ideas and passions, can fuse together for His glory!

So let Him prepare you, as you go to prepare the way for Him, through new initiatives, ministry plants, and ideas!



Anyone going into a phase of Pioneering needs more than determination. To see a vision come to fruition, and to then see that fruit increase; foundations are crucial. During the Lecture Phase, we’ll take time to work on the foundations in our lives, and our understanding of God’s Character and Nature, to ensure that the seed planted goes on to maturity!



Below is an overview of what could be covered in our weekly streams:

1. The Fear of the Lord
2. Daniel
3. Unity / Functioning in the Unknown
4. Nehemiah
5. Jonah
1. The Fear of the Lord
  • What is the Fear of the Lord? What is it not?
  • Blessings that come from the Fear of the Lord?
  • How revelations of His holiness change and transform our lives
  • The deep intimacy we walk into at the realization of His holiness
2. Daniel
  • Excelling in a foreign culture
  • Gaining favour in a foreign culture
  • Keeping yourself in an ungodly culture/traditions
3. Unity / Functioning in the Unknown
  • When the destination and culture is unknown
  • Holding onto what is known: God and your Team.
  • Finding stability in the Word of God. Proverbs 30:5
4. Nehemiah
  • Living and moving from a place of intercession
  • Rebuilding a city practically
  • Rebuilding a city spiritually
5. Jonah
  • Not letting our perceptions or ideas of a culture scare us away
  • Understanding the weight of the Word of the Lord
  • Efficiency in evangelism
6. Joseph
7. Pioneering – Ideas Put Into Practice
8. Principles of Leadership
9. Cultural Study
10. Creative Ministry
6. Joseph
  • Overcoming the disbelief of others
  • Growing in Godly character
  • Understanding and trusting God’s timing
7. Pioneering – Ideas Put Into Practice
  • Adventure and excitement
  • Trials and hardship (Preparing the soil)
  • Carrying zeal and passion with wisdom
8. Principles of Leadership
  • Looking at biblical leaders
  • Being led before leading others
  • Leading by example
9. Cultural Study
  • Learning to honor local culture in language, customs, etc.
  • Finding aspects of God in cultures
  • Worldview (Ethnocentrism)
10. Creative Ministry
  • What to do when there is a language barrier
  • When it is hard to share the Gospel with words
  • Bringing and praying your gifts into action. Romans 12:6
Marine Reach YWAM NZ DTS New Zealand Missions Training




18 Jan 2021
19 July 2021
17 Jan 2022


Lectures       $5495 NZD
Outreach      $4495 NZD


Lecture phase: Meals, Accommodation, Tuition, School Outings, Stream Activities

Outreach phase: Flights, Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Visas

Please check with us before booking air tickets.

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July 20
October 9
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