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Apply to become a student for any of our Programs

Use this application form when applying for DTS, DTS-PLUS, DBS, SPHC, or the Foundations Internship!

Apply for any of our programs in our 30-minute application form! As a part of the form, we ask you to come up with 3 people (and their email addresses) who can provide a reference for you: A Pastor/Spiritual Mentor, A Mature Christian Friend, and a Supervisor (Teacher/Employer, not a family member). Each of the references is required for us to fully process your application, so please communicate with your referees that a 7-day turnaround is greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE that this application form is somewhat extensive, but your progress can be saved along the way! Be sure to save your progress as you go along!

We will also ask you to upload a recent photograph, so be sure to have a digital copy handy.

Please reach out if you have any questions along the way using the chat box in the corner, or at info@marinereach.com.