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MARINE REACH was founded in September 1990 in Tauranga New Zealand, as a maritime expression of YWAM mercy ministries. Since its inception, our ships, volunteers and partner ministries have reached well over 1 Million people in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world!

Our past ships, and the years they were acquired:

M V Anastasis – 1978

The Anastasis was Youth With a Missions first medical ship, purchased in 1979, and served with the mission primarily in Africa for 3 decades. Funded and operated by YWAM volunteers, this ship provided life changing surgeries for thousands of men, women, and children with serious physical deformities.

M V Pacific Ruby – 1990

In 1990, The M/V Pacific Ruby was given to Marine Reach in Tauranga, New Zealand. Nick-named the “Rolly-polly Ruby” this little vessel crisscrossed the Pacific for 4 years. It even carried Dr. Loren Cunningham and his family to Pitcairn Island, the last nation on earth to be visited by YWAM Missionaries! Nothing could stop the Ruby, whether fire or flood, and God miraculously made a way for this ship to be a blessing to thousands of those in poorer, isolated communities around the Pacific.

M V Good Samaritan Island Mercy – 1993

Due to the many years of service in the Philippines by the M V Island Mercy (formerly known as the Good Samaritan), Marine Reach planted a forward base in Calapan City, Mindoro. It was named Mercy Link, and continues to this day, hosting overseas teams, running clinics, Bible studies, child sponsorship programs, and even church plants!

M V Pacific Link – 2001

The Pacific Link was launched out of Tauranga, New Zealand in 2002 and served with Marine Reach across the South Pacific providing medical care to the poorer more isolated island communities. The medical teams on board the ship ministered to hundreds of thousands of people in both medical and practical helps throughout the region. In 2009 it was gifted to YWAM Medical ships in Australia and is currently serving in Papua New Guinea.

S Y Next Wave – 2004

The sailing vessel SV Next Wave was birthed out of the UK in 2004 under the leadership of Brian Sloan a maritime navigation officer, who used the vessel primarily in the Mediterranean to train mariners and provide medical and humanitarian care to several Mediterranean nations. This vessel is currently being retired from the ministry of Marine Reach.

M V Pacific Hope – 2013

Our 4th vessel, the M V Pacific Hope is a 180ft medically equipped ship commissioned to serve hurting people in the Caribbean and the hurricane devastated nations in that part of the world. It’s mission is to bring physical and spiritual healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

*Marine Reach New Zealand is not operating any vessels in the Pacific at this time. Additionally, the M/V Pacific Hope is owned and operated by Pacific Hope Global USA, and continues to serve in humanitarian and relief efforts in the Caribbean.

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