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YWAM Marine Reach New Zealand Testimonies

DTS Testimonies

Discover what God did for each of these former Marine Reach DTS students. They tell stories of what God did both in them on DTS Lectures and through them on DTS Outreach.

Speakers Perspective on DTS

One of our Speakers here at Marine Reach, Femi Oni, sharing his perspective on what he has witnessed throughout our Discipleship Training Schools and why this journey can be so transforming.

YWAM Marine Reach NZ SPHC School of Primary Health Care

Alex Denney

20, Washington, USA, Pilgrimage DTS

” I just took a leap of faith…. to find myself and who I was as a man of God. “

Amanda Sharpe

21, Philippines, Wild Heart DTS

” I came broken and run down ready to be whole again… “

Friends on DTS

A group of friends from Idaho share their DTS journey together here at Marine Reach. Want to know what it’s like coming with friends? Check it out !

Luke Ballard

24, Nevada, USA, Medical Compassion DTS

” … He called me back to what He started in 2012… “

Kayla Stennett

19, California, USA, Wild Heart DTS

” …just in the short time being here, my life has changed so radically. “

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