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Write Your Own Psalm

October 19, 2020 - January 8, 2021

Write your own psalm

Write Your Own Psalm

Write Your Own Psalm

The Psalms have been loved by many Christians and Jews over the years. They are full of God’s revelation of Himself. Another thing that is clear is the emotions that are expressed toward God. Writing your own Psalm can help you express to God what is on your heart. This blog will give an example of the impact when you write your own Psalm. But before we look at this example we will first give some tips on how to write your own Psalm.

Tips to write your own Psalm.
  • First be aware that your not adding a Psalm to the Scriptures, God speaks to us today but this doesn’t equate to Scripture.
  • Read a few different Psalms to see the different emotions expressed and styles of writing in the Psalm (e.g. Psalm 1 wise words, Psalm 100 joy, Psalm 51 remorse, Psalm 6 sadness, Psalm 24 longing/desperation, Psalm 150 worship).
  • Be aware of your own feelings, what is it you desire or regret, are you happy or sad, is there hurt or a reason to thank God at this moment.
  • Begin your psalm with where you are.
  • Use language that express how you feel, emotive words (e.g. joyful, angry, sadness), use metaphors that fit you (e.g. if you like sports use sport metaphors, if your into dancing use dancing terms that express your emotions), don’t be afraid of your emotions God gave them and can handle them.
  • Remember who God is to you.
  • Ask questions you want to ask God (e.g. Where are you?, How can you love me?, Can you help me?).
  • Build towards who God is and a message of hope (Jesus is our hope, so this is fitting).
  • Pray through what you wrote.
  • If you feel comfortable share it with someone close to you.

We hope that this will help you to write your own Psalm.

Now let us look at an example of how one of our staff wrote her own Psalm.

Testimony by Amy Hulehan, 26, New Jersey


During my DTS (Discipleship Training School) with the YWAM (Youth With a Mission) at Marine Reach, we were asked during a lecture to do a writing exercise. First, our speaker gave us a general format on how David would write a psalm. Our speaker then challenged us to use this template as a guide to create our own personal psalm.  While writing is not something I claim to be particularly gifted in, I do feel God put these words on my heart. I hope you will be able to see the love and kindness of our heavenly father displayed through my attempt to capture God’s heart. This example where I show how I wrote my own Psalm is to help you write your own Psalm, but the main goal is to express God’s love that I experienced and hope you will to through this practice. 

My Personal Psalm

Oh my Love, oh my God, my Papa, I long for more of you. I hunger for your presence. Our journey has gone down many unplanned roads. Tears and pain have shaped many seasons of my walk with you. 

I’ve been desperate. I’ve come to the end of myself and wondered how I would continue on in life. There have been times when it felt like silence was all I received from you. Lies, fears and doubts tried to control me. I’ve spent time in confusion fighting your will for me without fully seeing the extent of the pain I caused both of us in the process. 

But You – You have loved me from everlasting to everlasting. You stayed constant when I was unstable. You were strong when I was weak. You lifted your voice to me above the lies. 

You sought me.  You wanted me, even in my brokenness – especially in my brokenness. You let me grow, you tenderly watered me with your fountain of life. 

You have lifted me out of the pit. You have set me on the rock of your love. You have sheltered me in the safety of your arms and the truth of my salvation. 

I offer my life to you, my Papa. I give you all my dreams and future plans. I will sing to you for you are worthy. I have hope and joy in you my God. I give all that I am to you. 

I was happy to find that to write my own psalm came fairly easily. My comfort-level in the project would be short lived; however, as our speaker then revealed to us that this would be a 2 part activity. For part 2, we were instructed to write what we felt God’s response would be to our personal psalm. The second part required me to contemplate in a way that went beyond myself. I took my time and quietly reflected on my speakers instruction. It was then that I felt an overwhelming sense from God pour into my heart and onto the page. 

God’s Response

My Daughter, my chosen Amy (insert your own name), you were not named beloved by accident (Amy means “Beloved”). You have always been my beloved. Before the foundation of the earth I carefully created you. I made you to reflect me in a way that is completely unique to you. 

Daughter, I’ve been with you through every tear. I’ve wept with you. I’ve always had my arms stretched out to you. Every time you fell down I was cheering for you, I was offering you my strength And waiting in anticipation for you to call out to me. 

My heart ached every time you followed the lies the evil one tried to distract you with. I’ve waited patiently. I’ve waited in love. I’ve waited for you to fully offer your life to me so you could grow while diving deeper into the dreams I have for you. 

I love you my Daughter. Do you hear me? Do you know the very great delight I take In calling you my family? Do you know the joy that floods my heart when I see you? Do you know the joy that overcomes me when I speak of you to our family. I am so proud of you. 

I love being your dad. You never burden me, you never let me down. From the moment I created you I have loved you wholly. My love has ever been present, you have never been at the back of my mind. Your name is tattooed on my hand. You are always on my mind. 

It is a joy to further develop our relationship. I long for all of your heart. I can’t wait to gather you up in my arms. I can’t wait to dance with my little girl. I love to see you rise up and be brave. I’ve placed great strength within you. It delights me to see you using your gifts. I love seeing you open the presents I gave you. 

There are gifts under the tree that you haven’t seen yet and I wait in joyful anticipation for you to take them into your life. 

Daughter, if you could see the plans I have for you, you would be quite surprised by all that I know you can do. My sweet child I show you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. 

Daughter, Daughter, Daughter, I love calling you my very own.  

We hope that you can write your own Psalm, and that in the process of writing your own Psalm you experience God’s love for you. If you want to grow in knowing who you are according to God here a blog on the image of God. If you are looking to grow in your relationship with God come join us and do a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with us or if you would like to learn more about the Psalms come do a Discipleship Bible School (DBS), both are focused on shaping you as a follower of Jesus and are life transforming. Also worth checking out if you want to learn more about the Psalm is the Bible Projects overview video of the Psalms, click here.

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October 19, 2020
January 8, 2021
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